Technology-supported face-to-face small group collaborative formative assessment and its integration in the classroom

Nussbaum, M., Gomez, F., Mena, J., Imbarack, P., Torres, A., Singer, M., Mora, M.E. 2010. From Genes to Context. Springer-Verlag, Berlin pp. 295-325.

The integration of technologies into school learning processes is motivated not only by their central role in the worlds of work and knowledge but also by their potential as mediators of social relations. They bring powerful tools to the task of converting classroom experiences into interactive and collaborative ones that deliver a range of pedagogical benefits (Wood & Malley, 1996). As Postholm (2007) has stated, the question is not whether information communication technologies (ICTs) can offer the teaching and learning activity but rather how teachers and pupils can approach and use this mediating artifact and benefit from it in their work.


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